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Sure 4

its: All Polaris UTV’s - RZR, Ranger, General 


Rocker switch with wire harness 

Illuminated Red LED light when engaged 

Main wire harness with relay 

Wire Harness Coupling (Only for 2014 and Newer Models) 

Bypass connector 

Zip ties 


The Polaris Sure 4 RZR - Ranger 4x4 Override Conversion Kit works on ALL Polaris UTV's. Bypass all electrical issues and have 4WD again! Cut out the troublesome electric components and throw power DIRECTLY to your differential! Engage and disengage 2WD/4WD on demand! Also bypasses the OEM reverse override when in 4WD!! By bypassing interference from the ECU, our kit prevents any common premature damage to your front differential by keeping your 4WD fully engaged and locked Our kit’s advanced engineering avoids common issues of draining the battery or burning out the switch 

The Polaris UTV 4x4 system can have many electrical issues that stop your 4x4 from working. From a bad or corroded 4WD switch, bad or loose electrical connections, not enough power to the front differential, bad speed sensor, faulty ECU, and the list goes on. Our kit bypasses everything to make sure your 4WD is working! 

The OEM Polaris AWD system is designed so that, with the switch on, the front wheels don't get power to engage unless the control module senses about 6% slippage at the rear wheels. If you have a wiring diagram to look at you can see there are a lot of controls and wiring in the system. A failure at any of those places will cause your front wheels not to engage. If the module is bad it will be an expensive fix, up to $900. Our kit bypasses all of that! If the switch is on, the front differential has power! Remember to never shift into 4WD over 5mph or if your rear wheels are spinning faster than your front tires. 100% plug & play

The Diamond Dust Sure 4

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