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Extreme ATV parts offer a full line of the highest quality brass brake pads for every popular SXS and ATV on the market today. Their pads are even backed by a “long as they last” warranty. They also have made bigger and stronger products as the mud industry grows. Extreme ATV parts make extreme portal brass brake pads for all these guys and gals that run portals. These portal brass pads have 40% more brass and braking surface than regular HD brass pads. If you are an off-road, water or mud rider with portals, these are the pads for you--- yes I run these on my buggy as well and they hold up for way longer than expected on mine! Keep an eye out for some new products launching this year to add to their line up. The mud game grows and changes and these guys keep raising the bar to go with it. Check out their products on their website or through one of their many dealers throughout the U.S. or Canada.

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