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The Knight Shield is our new, innovative, drink holder and mount made from industrial strength ASA plastic material. The Knight Shield fits standard 12 oz, Tall Skinny AND 16oz size energy sized cans. Adjust the height of your Knight Shield to the perfect size with our height adjuster disk. 

No lid? NO PROBLEM!! Our drink holder has a insulated lid the clamps down and locks in place. That means no spillage while protecting your beverage from the elements! Take your favorite frosty beverage with you, without the concern of losing it. Attach the Knight Shield to ANY ATV, SXS, recreational vehicle or watercraft! Light weight, durable and universal. Every Knight Shield comes with our Flat Mounting Puck with the option of adding our other mounting options: 

Rack/Handle Bar Mounting Kit 

PVC Mounting Kit 

Roll Cage Mounting Kit 

For more leisure activities where a lid isn't necessary, our Knight Shield will also fit your average 16oz water bottles! 

What's Included: 

Knight Shield 

Flat Mounting Puck 

Flat Mounting Hardware 

**Rack/Handle Bar Mounting Kit** (You can choose to add this to your order in the drop down!) 

Unique Features: 

Universal height adjuster 

Fits standard 12oz cans, 12oz tall and skinny, AND 16oz Energy drink cans! Multiple mounting options 

Mounts to any flat surface, rack, handle bar, or roll cage! (See separate mounting kits) Insulated, secure, lid 

Now available in 5 different color options and more soon to come!

The Diamond Dust Knight Sheild

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